Sunday Post #13: An Uneventful Week & Paintball

Another Sunday with another post.

But before anything else, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY!!

Lovelies, I hope you know and remember your worth and your right, and you remember to fight for it be in little acts or large ones. Know amazing you are and I hope you're on the right track. You're beautiful, you're a badass, you're strong, you're special and unique in your own way. Let this be a reminder not just today but everyday. **sends out my love**

On the other side of things..

Just wanna give a heads up to anyone who uses/will use the page navigation on my blog: IT'S BROKEN. Yes, I just noticed that it's messed up and I tried tweaking the code to get it right = it doesn't work. I tried using the original theme without any changes = it doesn't work. I also tried changing themes but = they don't suit my taste. I got so tired and angry that I literally spent 5 hours on 7 different themes but I love this one SO MUCH, I gave up. I'm sticking with this theme, and the Archive is... right there. 

So anyways...

( from the blog )

( what i just read )

Will Herondale, I love you with my whole heart.
Thoughts on Goodreads (there's probably bunch of typos and grammar errors because I wrote 
this in one go and didn't bother checking)

( what i'm currently reading / about to read )

Currently reading Layoverland and kinda put The Whisper Man on-hold at the moment because I've watched a bunch of true-crime videos during the last few days and I wanna detach myself from that. I've only read the prologue of Angry God so far..

( what i've been up to )

  • This morning, we went to play some game of paintball with friends and colleagues. It was so fun even though I didn't get to land a shot on the enemy lol. The only unfortunate thing during that time was the heat of the sun. We did it around 9 AM (My time zone: GMT +8) but worth it. The game was even more fun because the organizers/staff were blasting music while we were playing. Getting up early on a Sunday was kinda worth it for this.
  • This week was uneventful - both in life and school. I'm actually not busy (surprisingly and thankfully). I mean I have some things that needed to be done but they're not the kind that would stress me out so it's good. 
  • Except for my blog's page navigation where I literally gave up on coding for a peace of mind.
  • I feel like I have more to talk about next week so we'll see.
  • I kept myself busy a bit with some new blog posts (bookish and non-bookish).

( what i'm currently watching / about to watch / just watched )

I miss going to the movies. I haven't watched one on the big screen this year and I want to change that. The Invisible Man looks intriguing for me and I heard it's a little different from the older version...? I'm not really informed about this movie's details (both the 2020 version and the other one) but from everything that's on the list of movies currently showing in my area, this is the only one that seemed good for me.

How is everyone today? Was your week also uneventful or was it packed with things to do and life happenings?


  1. Sorry anout the page nav and frustration. Did you reach out to blogger? The paintball outing sounds fun. Hope the week ahead is a good one.

    1. Unfortunately, this is a theme problem because when I tried changing to another theme, the page navigation was fine :( It was, and thank you!

  2. Oh no the blog navigation thing sounds frustrating. I hate it when stuff like that happens. Paintball sounds fun though! I've never played it...

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

    1. IT IS! I still might work on it soon but not right now. Oh it's very fun! But it's not fun once you get hit... it's terribly painful (which is why the gear is so important).

  3. Ick on the blog issues. I find that so frustrating. I never continued with the Shadowhunter books after the original TMI/TID books but I see all the rave reviews and start to have FOMO. I've never done paintball but it always looks fun. :)

    1. I actually stopped with the series. Chain of Gold is my last and never continued with The Dark Artifices. I feel like it's time for me to move on from the Shadowhunter world. And yes! Paintball is fun!

  4. You have me so excited about Chain of Gold. I loved Will and Tessa so much. I mean, it's been great being with Tessa and Gem, but Tessa and Will was a next level thing for me, and any way to get some of that back is welcomed. I did paintball once. It was painful. I wanted to read Layoverland, so, I hope it's great and cannot wait to see what you think. Sorry your navigation broke. I didn't set up my blog, so I have not two cents to give you, but good luck with it.

    1. I'll be honest, Will was literally THE ONLY reason why I bothered picking it up. But now that I've finished the book and had my fill of Will Herondale being alive and a father moments, I'm saying goodbye to Clare's books (pretty much just Shadowhunters in general).

  5. I love your blog layout and colors. I hope your site gets the menu bar working soon! I hope you have a great week ahead.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes

  6. I hate it when things wont behave! But I like your blog template so I'd keep it too. :)

    Cassie Clare's book covers are so beautiful. I hope to get to this series eventually.

    Hope you have a good week!

    1. Thanks, Nicci. It's frustrating but I can't help it.. it's a small problem and I might be able to fix it soon. Hopefully.

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