Some Changes & Where the Blog is Heading

So, it's 2020, and my blog is still here. I'm surprised honestly because I never thought I'd be able to come back to blogging ever again since my hiatus due to the lack of interest and motivation that came over me. As you can see from my Archives, this blog started around May 2017 and I only had 1 post for that month, same with June 2017. And that was it. I didn't blog anything for the whole 2018. I got back around January 2019 but I didn't inspired/motivated until June 2019. And that's where I started blogging properly again.

I also blogged waaay back in 2007-2010 but I won't talk about that blog here. I was a kid back then and it was a total cringe reading my posts now. My blog before this current one was Of Coffee and Books which was strictly only for books and I left it for a while because of real life but then I got back, blogging there didn't feel the same anymore so I left around February 2017... and started this.

Let's head on to the topic at hand.
It's 2020 and I decided to give my blog a "fresh and proper" start starting with the THEME.
  • This was the theme I used when I started this blog in 2017
  • Decided to change it because this theme was complicated for me
  • But I love how minimal and clean this looks so I decided to use it again just last year around December
  • Played around with the codes and tweaked it to my liking 
  • Maintaining the white-gray-pink palette for this one
  • This is the MAVERICK theme by Beauty Templates

Next I decided to spice up my POST IMAGES (aka the images you see in the thumbnails when you're in the homepage of the blog).  The designs went from this + the reviews are so colorful.

And I thought, they don't match...  AND I AM BOTHERED. So I changed it again to something much more colorful + the reviews' designs are once again colorful but this time it's much more lol but they do match now.

The reason why I kept changing from the colors to the arrangement of the template's design to its size is because of the theme. I needed something to match and a size where the quality doesn't get ruined. So when I picked a new theme (again), I decided to keep it minimal (though it wasn't all that minimal. I used the EDWARD STELLA theme by ThemeXpose) along with the post images. And again, the designs changed to this

But this 2020, since it's a fresh start and all that lalala, I turned it to THIS. I got inspired by some Instagram aesthetic accounts and you know what? These were the kind of designs I did back when I was active in Tumblr making gifs/edits of fandoms I'm in and I kind of missed it.

It's quite the work to edit them but I do enjoy it so it's worth it. And I love how it looks on the homepage so yep, I'm pretty satisfied with it.

MOVING ON. I have some changes with WHAT I POST.
I like to make some little changes to it as well.

  • I'm merging Can't Wait Wednesday and WWW Wednesday into one post
  • Will likely be posting more multiple short reviews compiled into one post. There are some books I want to review but I don't see myself writing a long one for it so rather waste a single post entry, I'll just add in another book/s with an equally short review to balance it up.
  • I'm still going to review sequels but I decided I will make a Series Review instead rather than reviewing each book in a series.
  • More non-bookish-related posts. I've started posting some last year and I want to post more of it. I'm slowly trying to detach myself from blogging about books only because I also want to talk more about other stuff with you all.
  • I already told myself not to put so much pressure on me blogging so I'll only post when I feel like it. I'm blogging to feel free and somewhat happy and to interact with others. This is literally just for fun and not business.

Here's hoping I'll be able to achieve all of this.
I'm pretty content with blogging lately so it's all good from here.


  1. I love this theme! A cat is always a plus, and the kitty up there is too cute. I love merging memes, where it makes sense and isn't overkill. I do CWW with books from the backlog. WWW is a great fit and it lets you showcase more books. I also like posting more than one review at a time. I started doing it, because I read a lot and had a lot of reviews, but I think featuring more books can lead to more traffic. Can't wait to read some of your non-bookish posts!

  2. I always appreciated your blog because your posts are so colorful! I adore your edits/graphics and I'm excited to see a new theme :) I also look forward to seeing more non-bookish posts from you! Hopefully us readers will find more in common <3

  3. Yay for still blogging! I like your theme, I think it's simple and elegant looking. And by simple I mean nice and not cluttered, I don't want to sound like a bad kinda simple haha , Glad you are sticking around!!

  4. All sound like good changes to make! I'm looking forward to the non-bookish related posts. I love books but getting to know the blogger more is fun too. :) (I'm planning on some more of those posts this year also.)

    PS - I like the theme!

  5. Ahh I'm so excited for you, Chai! I'm looking forward to reading your blog posts x