Hello there! My name is Chai, a blogger from the Philippines. Welcome to the life of an egg enthusiast slash potato supremacist. An avid reader of romance and fantasy, and has a soft spot for the underdog characters. 

  • I'm a Fine Arts student and I major in Advertising Arts. 
  • I can't function without music. It's something that's essential to my life.
  • I'm both a reader of fantasy and romance but I'm more of a contemporary romance reader than I am that of fantasy lately.
  • "egg enthusiast slash potato supremacist"? - I JUST LOVE EGGS AND POTATOS.
  • I'd rather stay indoors than outdoors not because I don't like socializing. It's just I love the comfort of being inside the house/my room a lot lot more. 

This blog is my own happy place where I share my love for books and talk about them. I also talk about a little of my personal life and interests.

I used to blog at Of Coffee and Books but I had a big-time hiatus because life got busy. I wanted a fresh start so I created this blog that is now Like Chai Tea.

Why LIKE CHA TEA? - This is in reference to TWICE's song TT where the lyrics went "I'm like TT" meaning "I'm like T_T" (you know, the sad emoticon thing). Chai = tea so I made it to LIKE CHAI TEA. If you're confused, I understand.

And that's all I have to share.
Thank you for stopping by!

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