TTT #06: Settings I Like Seeing Instead

This was kind of confusing to me because I didn't know if I have to name a specific place (New York, Narnia, Hogwarts, Mr. Krab's vault for the Krabby Patty secret formula) or just a general one (at home, at school, an office building, the park).

The thing is, I don't think of "oh I wanna see this setting again" anymore. I just go with what is there and not ask for more. So instead, here are TEN SETTINGS I LIKE. And as a romance-junkie, I love seeing my ships/otps bump into each other in some of these places. You know, for romantic purposes.

01. Cafe
One of my favorite places to hang out and to read in fictional stories. Characters going there for study groups, for a date, hanging out, plotting how to save the world from the apocalypse. I mean, the characters get some pretty jazz or acoustic music, sip their coffee and/or eat pastries, and just sit there and enjoy the ambiance while thinking of how to solve their life's dilemma or how to save the world.

02. Art Studio
Throwback to the Top Ten Tuesday Character Freebie where I listed characters who are artists. Well, I love the idea of an art studio and seeing my favorite fictional artists be in their own little world slash happy place slash escape.

03. Kitchen
Nothing is more attractive than a character who can cook. Not saying those who can't cook are unattractive though. They're actually adorable for me. It's just that I love it when a character is surprisingly good in the kitchen. And I'd like to read my ship/otp being all cute and all lovey-dovey in the kitchen. Let me mention Storm and Fury by Jennifer L. Armentrout again and Zayne and Trinity in the kitchen cooking and discussing about bacon.

04. Botanical Gardens
This made it to my list because I love flowers and I love how this can be fit for fantasy and romance. Example and spoilers to those who haven't read The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead, third book in the Bloodlines Series, where Adrian and Sydney finally got together in a museum's botanical garden and that shit was romantic.

05. Museum / Art Exhibit
I'm both an artist and a romantic so if I read the book's couple go on a date here, I'd be ecstatic and planning their wedding in my head. I could list down the many books that involved an art gallery and how it made me all soft and mushy on the inside because the characters (who got their dream exhibit in the end) I love are happy.

06. Corporate Office
This isn't a surprise if you've read any of my posts and see me mention Lauren Layne. She's one of my favorites and I enjoy her books/series that take place in the workplace. Sex, Love & Stiletto Series, Oxford Series and 21 Wall Street Trilogy (I think it's a trilogy). Irresistibly Yours is a great example where the hero and heroine are fighting for the same position. Love me some office fightromance.

07. Library / Bookstore
The book lover jumped out. Of course I have to include the library or bookstore here because I love seeing the characters who love books get all giddy and happy to be surrounded by so many books. And if anyone has read the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness or has watched A Discovery of Witches show, then you'd see how romantic the library can be at some point.

08. Grocery
I like seeing characters in grocery stores. And when I read Emma Scott's Forever Right Now where the grumpy hero Sawyer, along with his baby daughter, and the cheerful ray of sunshine heroine Darlene bumped into each other at the grocery store, it was too comical to read.

09. At Home
This is kind of the same as the kitchen one but I meant home in general. I love seeing characters be all domestic. Especially those characters who seem so cool and unfazed by the world outside just let their guards down when they're at home. And to those characters who are all dressed up in suits or pencil skirts and heels but the moment they're home, they turn into their preferred baggy yet comfy clothes.

10. Laundromat
OKAY. So this is probably the different one from the list because this is A SETTING I'D LIKE TO SEE thing. I've read a fanfiction where its main focus was the laundromat and how the main characters fell in love in that place thanks to misplaced sock.

Honorable Mentions:

School - This almost made it to the list but I'm kinda not that into it anymore. College-setting is a lot more preferable than high school.
Diner - Characters going there for breakfast or brunch. Love it.
Social Events Wherever - I mean, I love it when the characters dress up for the occasion.

How about you?
What are your top ten settings for today?


  1. I can't remember the last time I read a book that was at least partially set in a grocery store. How creative! I'd definitely read something like that.

    My TTT.

    1. I love it when characters go shopping for food and other house necessities. It feels so domestic that I can totally relate.

  2. Yes, I love all of these, even the somewhat-less-than-romantic laundromat!

  3. Omg I love all of these settings! Have you just read my mind? I also read a fanfic where the two main characters met at a laundromat... It can be quite romantic if done well! :))

    1. I know! It's a great place for a quick and cute romantic read hahaha

  4. These are so creative! I've never thought of a laundromat as a setting for a story and now I kind of want to a whole book about it. :D

  5. Yes to corporate offices!! Also, for café, I recommend Marriage for One by Ella Maise!
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

    1. Omg I actually forgot the cafe part in MFO haha I was too focused on their moments at their home :D

  6. Sorry for deleting my earlier comment. My comment was full of typos. Anyways I didn't think of any of these for my settings. I'm a sucker for a cooking character!

    1. Oh it's okay! And yes, a cooking character is such a treasure.

  7. I love how specific some of your picks are... and I so agree with some. Like, kitchens/diners/grocery stores. Sometimes in books food and eating is never or rarely mentioned and it seems so weird. I mean, we all eat every day so why aren’t these characters cooking or grocery shopping or going to a restaurant? Oh, and a male character in the kitchen, whipping up something for the love interest? Yes please! :)

    1. Having the guy cooking for his girl is SWOON-WORTHY. It's seriously one of my favorite things to read in romance.