TTT #07: Characters - What They Like to Eat and Drink

Like what the title says, this Freebie is dedicated to book characters and what they like to eat and drink. I did not include books that are centered around food because 1) That would be obvious and easy; 2) I like the challenge with this one; 3) It's nice to know you have paid attention to details about the fictional characters you've encountered. 

This was supposed to be my theme for July 09's Top 10 Tuesday Character Freebie until I thought of another topic. 

So here it is. Just so you know, I tried my hardest to remember their favorites.
Note: The characters listed here are some of my favorite fictional people. EVER.

Cheese Plate - Grace Brighton
(Sex, Love & Stiletto Series by Lauren Layne)

We got a fancy one for the first spot.

I recently finished the series last week and one of the things that caught my attention was the mention of the cheese plate. Miss Grace Brighton here loves cheese plate and Jake, her love interest but was still her not-really-but-kinda enemy at that time, suddenly went from discussing a magazine article to "cheese plate" and how it's the fifth magic word (or words) that gets a woman in bed.. according to the article. Their conversation was funny though because she called it BS but a few chapters later, she went and ordered a cheese plate because she couldn't stop thinking about cheese.

Pancakes - The Blackthorn Siblings + Emma & Cristina
(The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare)

Julian Blackthorn (my darling boy) is the parental figure of the young Blackthorns in the LA Institute... and is also the designated cook who happens to serve pancakes to the pancake-loving family, and we include Emma and Cristina here. With Ty getting the pancakes first, Dru wanting butter and syrup, Livvy with just syrup, Emma with sugar, and Cristina just wants them plain. 
"Too much coffee, not enough pancakes."
"I hope they put that on my tombstone."
And that's a legit Emma x Julian quote.

Pizza - The Falcone Brothers
(The Camorra Chronicles by Cora Reilly)

One of my favorite mafia romance stories and one of my favorite families despite how twisted they are (given how this series is centered around the mafia and it's dark). We got the Falcone brothers who are feared in Vegas because they torture and kill their enemies without batting an eyelash yet they like to bond over pizza once they're back home. 

Pizza is like a staple food in their lives until Nino aka Falcone Bro #2 decides that these people need some real food so he goes grocery shopping. Literally he's the only one who remembers to buy groceries. 

Bacon - Zayne and Trinity
(The Harbinger Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout)

Nothing like a brooding hot gargoyle-man cooking your breakfast and stealing your heart through bacon. That's exactly how mornings with Zayne and Trinity are since they're living under the same roof and he loves to feed her with bacon. Seriously, they c
"You're doing really good."
"At what? Eating bacon? I'm extremely skilled at that."
All Zayne had to do is cook some bacon and Trinity is ready to keep him in her life. 

Coffee - Sydney Sage
(Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead)

Here we have my all-time favorite fictional woman to ever grace the YA community with her magic powers, handsome brooding vampire boyfriend-now-husband, and her cup of coffee. I love Sydney Katherine Sage just as much as she loves her coffee.

She's totally a coffee-addict that in The Fiery Heart, she and Adrian had their own little support group (with just the two of them) to control their addictions: hers with coffee, his with smoking. And so far, their little group was successful.. though she still drinks coffee but now, moderately.

Tacos - Loren Hale
(Addicted Series by Krista and Becca Ritchie)

Find you someone who'll love you like how Loren Hale loves Lily Calloway and tacos. 
Lily: *is tangled in the sheets and comforter*
"Do  I look like a good taco?"
"I'd eat you."
I say she looked like a burrito in that scene but if they say taco, then it's TACO.

Blue Food - Percy Jackson
(Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan)

If I remember correctly,  Percy likes anything that is blue. I Googled this to be sure and the results did say that he drinks or eats blue food. Correct me if I'm wrong because I haven't read this series in a long time.

Tuna Casserole - Sawyer and Darlene
(Forever Right Now by Emma Scott)

This is my favorite Emma Scott book and I'm grateful for Darlene's existence in Sawyer's life that she gets to feed him a tuna casserole after him having to be content in eating frozen food. This casserole was like a constant part of their lives too lol. Like... this casserole played a big part of the start of their friendship. And I'll stop there to avoid spoilers. 

Waffles - The Dregs
(Six of Crows Series by Leigh Bardugo)

When you say "waffles" and "the dregs", Jesper Fahey is definitely the spokesperson for it. The squad does love waffles though but Jesper is the loudest about it.

This love for waffles they have going on also birthed one of most used quotes from Nina Zenik and Matthias Helvar in Tumblr edits:
"You're better than waffles, Matthias Helvar."
"Let's not say things we don't mean, my love."
I'm crying. I miss them and I miss eating waffles even though I just had some last Friday.

Wine - Matthew Clairemont
(All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness)

I started this list with a fancy food plate and now I'm ending it with a fancy drink from one of my favorite, and probably the only, adult fantasy books. Matthew is an expert when it comes to wine. I kinda forgot if his choice is specifically red wine. If you've watched A Discovery of Witches, you'd definitely see Matthew holding a glass of wine here and there.

How about you, do you know what your favorite character/s like to eat or drink? 
What's your topic for today's freebie?


  1. Oh my gosh! You made me so hungry hahaha. I love about every food on this list. Character food favorites are so damn fun. It's a fact that i love to highlight what foods are mentioned in a book... but you know I rarely remember them. *cover my face* I do remember cookies are a favorite of Laura Jean. ;)

    1. They're really fun to remember! I love knowing little details about them especially what their favorites are!

  2. Ahhh pancakes, Pizza, tacos, Waffles! YEEEEESSSS! Girl, you making me hungry now lol I'm literally going to make waffles now 😂 And cheese plate! Woo! 😋
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

  3. Great list! What a fun topic to pick! I loved the Bloodlines series, and Sydney sure did love her coffee. Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

    1. She does! Gotta admit that she has a bit of influence on why I like coffee too haha

  4. Well, now you have me craving pancakes. Ha!

    My TTT.

  5. Great list! I would definitely join the mafia for guaranteed pizza.

    1. You have no idea how much your comment made me laugh

  6. Aww I adore Percy Jackson with every part of my demigod loving soul! He'll always be my favourite.

    1. I really miss the series though. And I still haven't read Heroes of Olympus.

  7. THIS IS THE BEST POST AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH IN EVERY WAY. Also YESSS Blackthorns + Emma & Cristina. Also Percy Jackson + blue food, what a weird kid, I love it.

    I also now want to think about what my fave fictional characters like to eat but.. I.. yeah I shouldn't go down that rabbit hole until I have a few free hours at least.

    My TT is here!

    1. Percy's choice of food IS weird but we still love our darling demigod

  8. C'mon, I just WENT to the grocery store...

    This is an awesome thing to pay attention to. sometimes I notice when a book has a particularly delicious description of food -- I keep thinking I need to write those down in a notebook or something -- but not as associated with particular characters.

    1. I love it when authors add the ingredients and recipe of the food mentioned in their books at the end of the story.

  9. What a fun topic! Sydney really was addicted to coffee.

    1. She was! Glad that in TFH, she was trying to cut some bit of caffeine in her life though.

  10. How fun! I definitely think you're right about Percy Jackson and the blue food. I remember reading one book and on every other page, the main character was drinking an iced coffee. It was crazy how often it was brought up!

  11. This is such a cool list idea! And your moodboards are so exquisite and beautiful as always <3 This post made me hungry ehe

  12. After reading this post, I have the biggest craving for waffles now and it's making me miss my Six of Crows gang. I would happily treat that gang to as many waffles as they want as long as I can eat with them!

    I love how creative this topic is.

    - Lois @ My Midnight Musing

  13. SUCH A FUN POST! And now I'm in the mood for waffles and pancakes and coincidentally, a re-read of Six of Crows and The Dark Artifices... :)


  15. Um what the heck Chai!?! I love how creative you are! Now it makes me wonder how much I don't pay attention to my favorite characters' favorite foods and stuff. I'm a bad reader lol. I love this!

    -Leelynn @ Sometimes Leelynn Reads

  16. When I saw this was your topic I immediately thought waffles and the Six of Crows duology. I read a couple of the others but didn't remember their food loves. Interesting post!

  17. OH MY GOSH, I LOVE THIS TOPIC CHOICE AND ALL YOUR PICKS AND NOW I'M HUNGRY. I am so sorry for shouting at you but like IT CALLED FOR IT because yes yes yes yes (and about a dozen more uses of the word yes) I am so here for this.

  18. Love your take on this. Waffles *sniff!

  19. I love this topic, it's so fun! And it's making me very hungry!